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Heart-Crafted Events


Fonix was established with an idea to create magnificent events. The idea then evolved into our growth story which is quite eventful. From small projects in the neighbourhood to shows that realigned the limits of event management industry, Fonix grew into a formidable name providing outstanding event management services.

The name Fonix


Flexibility is an option, not a right. Flexibility is not about saying, "Yes" to every request. Rather, flexible work policies focus both on the benefits to the customer and the impact on the event. We at Fonix Events adapt policies for flexible work arrangements and making modest concepts more effective. Managers and staff analyses the workflow - every project, meeting, and event -- to translate time commitments into task commitments.


Organized is the process of applying a structure or system to an otherwise chaotic process. In less technical terms, getting organized is removing part of the chaos from an event and then keeping the chaos from returning. Fonix Events demonstrates that we're professional and responsive. Our organizational skills are so sharp, quick and efficient.


Novelty is the quality of being new. Thoughts at Fonix Events are always striking, original and unusual. Every job is an artistic endeavour, an art project if you will, since every situation and client is different, much consideration and time goes into devising a design that reflects the wishes, requests, personalities and interests of each individual.


Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. Cherry-picking Fonix Events for your event and you'll find it's our quality of being entire and honest. Our ability to comprehend relationships, ability to evaluate and judge, and capacity for original and productive thought makes all the difference.


X-Factor of Fonix Events adds value to an elegant sophisticated style and an unsurpassed aesthetic vision for your event. Our expertise knowledge and professionalism guarantee an extraordinary environment, a unique and memorable occasion ... a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Our Vision

To be a highly creative event management, bringing in elegance to your events.


We are the harbingers of Creativity and Innovation, which makes our events elegant and makes us stand apart from the rest of the crowd.


We have a well trained team with acquired knowledge and expertise.

World class Quality

Our world is becoming smaller, owing to advances in telecommunication systems. Our effort is to deliver world class quality into your events. Your events can thus be showcased to the world with pride.


The marks of elegance is not faded by the passing of the time, elegance once created is embedded to human minds and history and is passed down to generations. Elegance is hard to achieve, it is a concoction of high creativity, expertise, style and commitment. Our efforts are always too indented to create elegance, so that your special days and functions not just fade away, but linger in your memories forever.